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eMule Plus 1.2c

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 1.2c, Size: 2.52 MB
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eMule Plus 1.2c description
eMule Plus is the third generation eMule / eDonkey compatible client

Withover 50 million users worldwide, eMule has become the new king of filesharing, so if you are tired of slow downloads, fake files, viruses andworms then forget Kazaa and step up to eMule.

eMule is a file sharing client based on the eDonkey2000 network, but offering more features than the standard eDonkey client.

eMule Plus is the third generation eMule / eDonkey compatible clientcreated to improve the clients abilities and features, in both workefficiency and user interface.

With a dedicated team of coders, beta testers, and translators, it hassince evolved into a feature-rich, stable, and thoroughly tested eMuleclient with dozens of features unavailable in the original client, allthe while retaining its slick user interface.

Here are some key features of "eMule plus plus":

Completely Free: eMule Plus is an open source project and free software, as well as it doesn t contain any spyware, adware or the like.
Improved GUI: the client has been redesigned to have a more intuitive and appealing GUI.
Servers, Transfers and Statistics windows has been revamped for better screen usage and greater customization.
Web Server: originally conceived in eMule Plus but now onofficial this light interface is useful to remotely control yourclient. It s evolving each day, adding features to make it better whilenot making it a resource hog. We have some extended features asIntruder Detection, A4AF support, a graphical queue list, clientversion information, automatic compression support (gzip) and muchmore. eMule XP and eMule Light templates are now included in the maindistribution as eye candy or simplified interfaces to our
Web Server. Templates are optimized to reduce required traffic while keeping compatibility with different browsers.
Better Interface Design: we take special care in the interfacedesign, so you won t see any misplaced box or a cut string. Images usedin our client and sites are done the best way possible by GraphicDesigners to be more appealing and meaningful.
Localization: eMule Plus has its own team of translatorslocalizing new strings. Currently supported languages: Basque,Belarusian, Catalan, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Croatian,Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Extremaduran, Finnish, French, German,Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish,Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian,Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian.
Our Own Team of Betatesters: eMule Plus team has an extensiveteam of beta testers, including Windows 9x users, releasers and a lotof different system configurations are daily tested. We have anextensive testing process before a release. This doesn t mean theclient won t have bugs, but there will be less of them or they won taffect the majority of the users.
Static Servers Priority: priority for static servers can be changed from the GUI without users having to change the configuration files directly.
Rating/Comments of Files: a better rating information has beenadded to help users to get an idea of the file rating. With severallevels of quality and a special icon to inform users about fakes. Thissystem accumulates ratings of remote users and calculates an averagevalue shown to you in the thermometer style.
Upload Progress: a different and improved upload progress baris used to give a better glimpse of the status of a client downloadingfrom you. It shows the number of parts each client has as well ascurrently downloading part.
A4AF (Asked for Another File) Management: the ed2k protocolallows only one file to be transferred at the same time from a singleclient, so other requests to the same user are queued until thetransferring file is completed. Our client shows you sources that havebeen requested for other files in each single file sources list andallows you to force them to switch to another file.
Stored Sources: when you close your client for long periodssources are lost. Most of them can be recovered with the sourcesexchange protocol but for rare files the obtained sources from othersessions can be lost. Stored Sources allows you to store sources in afile to be retrieved again when you restart your client.
Better Client Information: client software as well as thestatus is shown with different mule icons. Different colors related tothe official color of the software are used to give a better insight onthe client type distribution in your queues and the status of theclients you connect to or those connecting to you. Credits, friends andbanning statuses are also shown with different icon modifications.
Unneeded Sources: there are sources in your download queuewhich sometimes don t have chunks for the file you re downloading, sothey are using a slot while not being useful for us. This kind ofsources are removed automatically when the max sources limit for a fileis reached.
Download Queue Progress: queue progress is shown with colorcoding (progression, regression or the same position) and informationabout how many positions were gained or lost after previous sourcestatus check.
Destination Directory: you can set a different (from the mainincoming directory) destination directory for every downloading file.After completion, a file will be transferred to that directory.
Filename Cleanup: automatically or manually activated, thisfeature allows you to clean filenames. Unwanted advertisement stringsor non-cased files can be formatted in a more pleasant way.
Improved Search: you can search files not containing strings.There is also support for FileDonkey and eMugle web service searches.The selected search method is also retained between sessions, so youwon t need to change it to your preferred choice every time you start anew search.
Enhanced Information for Search Results: additionalinformation is available providing the date when servers saw a completesource for the specific file last time. This information can be veryhelpful during file selection as it shows the risk of staying withincomplete file. Media information (length, bitrate and codec) isprovided for media content files in search results. Average file rating(comments are unaccessible) collected by servers is available as welltogether with the estimation of the number of voted users.
Related Files Search: a related search gives the files thatare the most published by the clients who share the given file. It canbe used to detect related (companion) files, but also anomalies infiles distribution.
Part Traffic: spreading information in p2p applications isvital. Knowing which files are already well spread and which are not issomething that releasers request a lot. This information can beobtained from the clients currently downloading from you or by storingall transfers information. The Plus team believe that the second methodis better because you know how your client actively performed.
Part Status: sometimes, old and not well designed clients asksfor parts which are already well spread while not asking for rareparts. This isn t useful for the network because files need more timeto be spread. With this in mind a feature that allows you to disableaccess to these parts has been bundled in the client.
JumpStart: the initial release of a file is mostly chaotic.The problem is that some parts of the file are transferred hundred oftimes while others are not transferred at all. JumpStart automaticallycontrols a release while supervising the spread of the different chunksby hiding well spread parts. This is an automated and intelligentprocess.
Upload System (zz): the ed2k protocol has been designed in away only full chunks are shared. As chunks have a size of 9Mb you needto complete them before sharing that part to the world. The zz UploadSystem prioritizes the upload of full chunks while maximizing yourupload speed with trickle slots. These slots use the remaining bandwidth notused by the other downloading clients. The speed of spreading parts isprioritized instead of a level transfer speed between all thedownloading clients, guaranteeing a faster spread of files on thenetwork.
Small and Rare Files Boost: higher score for rare and smallfile requests in waiting queue, what increases chances to upload rarefiles as well as faster spread small files.
Shell Menu: for shared files a shell menu is provided bringing you the file handling options supported by the operating system.
Double-click Behavior: provides a possibility to configure the double-click action for sources and files, letting a user decide which way is better.
Font Configuration: allows customization of the font style and size used within IRC/chat/log windows.
Smooth File Completion: while using a custom made copy routineinstead of not quite performing system one, completing files now letyou with a much more responsive system.
Message Filtering: allows you to disable messages containing filtered words from being shown. There is an option to keep them in the log.
Comment Filtering: allows you to disable comments containing filtered words from being shown. There is an option to keep them in the log.
Intelligent Chunk Request (ICR): the Intelligent Chunk Request system allows faster file downloading by concentrating on the rarest and (or) complete chunks.
Lancast: saves bandwidth and increases download speeds in dualnetwork capacity environments (your PC is on the internet, but also ona LAN with other eMule clients). Your client will discover otherlocal/LAN sources and will upload to these clients above your client snormal upload limits, using multi-cast. Useful for people who share anInternet connection with other eMule Plus users (student networks, homenetworks and Metropolitan Area networks as long as they supportmulti-cast data).
Complete Sources: a new column in Shared Files window whichshows a range of possible values for the number of complete sources,for the files you re currently sharing. If you didn t receive enoughdata to calculate a total range, you will see an approximate valuepreceded by a sign "<.".
Sources Exchange Disabling: in some old computers sourceexchange is a resource hog. The feature can be disabled in our clientand you can also set a limit for it to not be used when files haveenough sources.
Banning Configuration: you re mad at aggressive clients oryou re soft and don t want to ban anybody. We allow a certain degree ofcustomization and even the disabling of the feature.
Community Sharing: to improve the spreading of files betweencommunities, Plus includes an option to set a community priority. Thisfeature doesn t mean you will download only to community users, butthat they will get a little scoring advantage.
Multiple Temporary Directories: your temporary disk is filled,but you have enough space at another disk. Plus allows you to set morethan one temporary directory letting you use free space at otherpartitions.
Customizable Temporary Directory for Categories: a differenttemporary directory can be specified for a category. After that fileswill be created in this custom directory when added from start to a newcategory. That means automatically assigned files and files assigned tothe particular category during download starting after a search (filesmanually assigned to the category will be created in the main temporarydirectory). Files will not be transferred to a new location if youchange the category after file creation or select different temporarydirectory for the category. This directory will also be added to thelist of temporary directories so on next start eMule Plus will scan allof them and find every single part file. This makes it possible togroup thematic temporary files as well as use different locations fortemporary files.
Download Autopriority Settings: autopriority limits can be customized regarding your downloading style.
Main Process Priority: you can set the client to be run on ahigher priority if you use processor demanding applications affectingeMule Plus. This way your download/upload speed won t be dropped whenan application hogs your processor. Note: this high priority has lesseffect than OS process priority configured in Task Manager.
Hashing Priority: the hashing process is a resource hog task.You can set different priorities for it, but take in account that alower priority will give you a more responsive system while the hashingprocess will last a little longer.
Scheduler: you use your Plus client in a place where you can tuse all the bandwidth at certain times. With this feature you can setdifferent time shifts to configure your downloading/uploading speed andsettings.
Customizable Sorting: sorting directions and advanced sortingoptions are available for users to set the list sorting they want/likebetter on every client start.
Download All ed2k Links in Clipboard: you can transfer aselection of files from a search result to the clipboard to be pastedin a TXT file for future use. This is useful as an alternative tohaving lots of files paused.
Average Data Rate: a new alternative smoothed data rate providing the sustained speed for the download.
Smoothed Remaining Time Calculation: remaining time for adownloading file is more relevant now. Downloads which will last formore than 100 days will be shown with a question mark.
Systray-menu: an improved system tray menu that enables you toset the preferable speed with a practical slider, access thepreferences and much more. All this while using a better design.
Countermeasures Against Unfair Clients: some clients on thenet are not fair. stealing hashes, giving less slots to eMule clients,promoting leecher clients. Those actions can be taken in account andpenalized by your Plus client.
Exception Handling: a different way of handling exceptions hasbeen designed to help users help us while leaving dumps of crasheswhich let us know what happened at the time of the problem (not always,but mostly). So, now users can actively help us in problem solving.Anyway, crashes have been reduced to a minimum and even some exceptionsdon t crash the system at all.
L2HAC (lowID to highID Automatic Callback): L2HAC reduces loadon servers by reducing lowID callbacks. This applies to any eMule Pluswith a lowID. lowID eMule Plus clients will connect to remote sourcesjust before a highID source would be scheduled to contact us via aserver callback. Because we have contacted the remote client before aserver callback occurs no server is needed to establish a connectionbetween two clients.
Back-Up: you can choose to backup configuration and temporaryfiles used by eMule Plus to be sheltered for a crash or a filecorruption event. This backup can be done on demand, whenever you closeyour client or periodically.
eMail Notifier: Information and Warning messages can now besent by SMTP mail for you to be informed of your client status. Thisfeature supports SMTP plain authentication.
Anti-scanning Measures: if a client requests non-existing file(s) more than 3 times consecutively, then the given IP is filtered for 24h.
Queue Progress Notification: queue progress is shown withcolor coding (green: progress in the queue, red: regression in thequeue, blue: same position as before) and information about how muchpositions were gained or lost from the previous source status check.
Source Filters: you can apply filters to each file in yourdownload list or global filters to remove sources you don t want to seewhen expanding the sources for a file. There is some configuration inclient preferences.
Queue Filters: an option to filter the queue by client type (friend and credits) is provided in our client. This filter is applied dynamically.
Keyboard Shortcuts: specific key combinations can be set forcommon actions (like minimizing the client, or switching to anotherwindow, etc). A different sort of key combinations can be set for eachof them.
File Status Icons: meaningful visual notifications regardingfile statuses are now an option for the download list. Some actions canbe applied to files by clicking on them (i.e. when status paused,unpause the file).
Processor Specific Optimizations: SSE/MMX/AMD optimizations are now automatically selected and used for better performance.
Automated Fake Check: you can see in the search window whichfiles are marked as fakes before downloading. The downloading of thedatabase is done by the ed2k network, please keep it shared!
Improved Client and File Detail Dialogs: better organized, nowyou can see more information in a clearer way. You have the option toscroll the text when it doesn t fit its placeholder.
Preallocation of Disk Space: an option to allocate all thespace needed for a file so you won t have insufficient disk space tocomplete the file or lose downloading sources because of standardallocation. This allocation is done in a separate low-priority threadso downloads are not affected as before. Less fragmentation is achievedby using this feature.
Initialize Option: makes possiblerestarting of the erroneous download without a need of client restart.The problem should be solved before executing this option or theerroneous status will be triggered again.
Predefined Status/Media Type Categories: already made categories useful to have filtered views of your download list. Also available in the Web interface.
Improved Logs: eachlog event has a different color, so errors can be easily distinguishedfrom warnings or non-important log events. Log tabs have a visualindication notifying about new entries without a need to switch.
eMule Plus Version Auto-check:with this option you will be informed of new versions when starting theclient (there is an option to disable this). A debug log entry is addedwhen this option runs.
MobileMule: MobileMule is a remotecontrol interface for eMule Plus via a mobile phone with java support.For more information, please, visit MobileMule homepage.
IRC: built-in own IRC client to enjoy chat while downloading. Autojoin to English (#emule+) and other localized support channels.
Localized Date/Time:the client uses the user selected OS localization for representing dateand time entries. This time style is used all over the client.
Session Timer: a session timer, shown in the status bar, tells you how much time your eMule Plus has been running.
Copy of Logs and Chats To Clipboard or File: byright clicking over the window you will have an option to save a log orchat session to a file or copy to the clipboard. Formats supported areplain TXT or RTF, and you have the option to select where you want tosave the file.
Hashing Status: a hashing status log lineis added for every hashing file, and if you enable debug log you willhave also a log line before a file starts to be hashed so you can debugyour hashing problems. There is also a counter in Shared Files windowfor files waiting to be hashed. During hashing the Reload button inShared Files is disabled to avoid double hashed entries.
Backup Link for Downloading Files: acopy of the ed2k link needed to redownload a corrupted file because ofa system crash is stored on .txtsrc file header. This link has alsosources to get a quick start.
Country Flags and Statistics: countryflags are shown for remote clients telling you from which country auser is. There are additional columns to let you sort by country andspecific statistics to let you know the percentage of users. Thisfeature can be disabled for low-end computers.
Improved Tooltips: extendedtooltips with icons, colors and a really nice formatting are providedall over the client. For servers, downloads, sources, status bar,categories. All of them include extended information that can be viewedafter placing a cursor over an object for a predefined amount of time.
Auto Max. Sources and Limit for Overall Sources: youcan set a progressive limit for sources as well as a maximum number ofsources to be added to your files. With this feature enabled you canhave a smoother client start as well as a better client running bycontrolling the amount of sources found and used at any time in anautomatically way.
Antivirus: if you don t use a livemonitoring antivirus on your PC, because of the resources that kind oftool takes, now you can schedule checks of the files which werecompleted or call it directly from Plus. This option is configurablewith extra parameters and can be set to run automatically or betriggered by a download context menu option.
Corruption Handling:downloaded data is checked for corruption and only valid data will beshared. Corrupted data block is redownloaded automatically. A specialalgorithm, ICH (Intelligent Corruption Handling), is used to reduce anamount of redownloaded data, what saves in average about 50% of theredownloading data traffic.
Improved Compressed Streams Handling:eMule Plus has improved the handling of compressed streams to avoiddata corruption and minimize an amount of redownloaded data. The oldfeature "Drop Super-Compressed Blocks" was phased out because there isno need to have it manually set now as that is handled automatically.
Serverlist Visual Indication:failed servers, connected server and static ones are now indicated withgraphical icons for a quick overview and more intuitive server liststyle.
Autoupdate IPFilter: you can update IPFilter froman external service avoiding the need to reload the client and to keepthe filters updated with a central database. The update can be set tobe made periodically on client start. After a successful update youcan t update it again in next 24 hours not to exhaust list providersbandwidth.
Downloading Chunk Time and Size Information: additionalinformation is shown for every downloading such as currentlydownloading chunk, amount of data required to complete a chunk as wellas estimated time of chunk completion by the particular source.
Fractional Upload/Download Limits: uploadand download speed limits can be specified with 0.1 KB/s granularity(minimal speed limit is 1 KB/s). That gives possibility to set speedlimits more precisely, thus it helps slightly increase speed limitsespecially for low-speed connections.
Comprehensive Chunk Information:extensive information about downloading file chunks is availableproviding comprehensive data about every part including amount ofreceived data, part status, number of available sources, as well asgraphical presentation for better review.
Command-line Interface (cli): severalbasic commands are available to control eMule Plus operation fromcommand-line or batch scripts. More details in "FAQ->.Tips - usefulnot visible features".
Shared File Permission: permissionto show a file in the shared files list which can be requested by aremote user. This feature provides comprehensive flexibility to reportonly desirable shared files for particular user category.
Auto Download Lists:every X minutes client downloads Xml files from preconfiguredlocations, which contain ed2k links, those links are automaticallyadded to download into specified categories. Useful for first spreadingof files inside groups, etc.
Improved Source Exchange:tracks all file requests (not only clients waiting for some file inwaiting queue) what provides more sources for source exchange requestsas some clients can request several files.
Large File Support:eMule protocol extension to support large files (>. 4GB). Maximumsupported file size is 512 GB - 1 byte (549,755,813,887 bytes).

What s New in This Release:

FEATURE: Serbian localization [DarkMan/Aw3]
FEATURE: provide file rating to other clients with the list of shared files [Aw3]
FEATURE: Source Exchange 2 support (adapted from original) [Aw3]
FEATURE: Source Exchange Protocol version 4 [Aw3]
FEATURE: middle mouse click closes tab (search, chat, etc.) (from original) {Towelie} [Aw3]
FEATURE: extended related search to send combined requests {lugdunummaster} [Aw3]
FEATURE: .ratDVD added to CD/DVD image type {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
FEATURE: Italian FAQ [KerneL/Aw3]
FEATURE: WebServer: added file type icon to the search list of the light template [Aw3]
FEATURE: WebServer: show overall file rating provided by servers in the search list [Aw3]
FEATURE: WebServer: file menu Swap all A4AF sources to other files {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
CHANGE: get first chunk for reviewable archives to allow better recovery {muleteer} [Aw3]
CHANGE: get first chunk option for .rm files {muleteer} [Aw3]
CHANGE: improved calculation of available remote client parts [Aw3]
CHANGE: locale settings (e.g. date formatting) taken from user settings (not based on language anymore) [Aw3] ...