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XXCOPY 2.95.2

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 2.95.2, Size: 244 KB
By , License: Freeware Report Broken

XXCOPY 2.95.2 description
XXCOPY is a versatile file management tool, using XCOPY compatible command syntax

XXCOPY is very simply and easy to use logical extension of XCOPY.

It remains faithfully compatible with XCOPY in the invocation syntax,yet, adds many innovative features to be a very serious utility foranyone who feels comfortable in managing files in command line mode(DOS Box). XXCOPY has grown to be not just a file copy program but alsofile removal, search and list utility.

Its short-name preserving capability makes it ideal to clone a systemdisk which can be made bootable. XXCOPY runs under Windows95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP and comes with a 16-bit version XXCOPY16 which allows copying files in DOSenvironment using short name only (to be later expanded to long name).You may also use it for synchronizing systems. In short, it is anindustrial strength utility for system administrators.

Here are some key features of "XXCOPY":

Comes with a 16-bit version (XXCOPY16).
(XXCOPY16.EXE copies files using the short (8.3 format) name only.)
Duplicates the entire system drive which can boot Win9x (xxtb #10).
Keeps the same short name (8.3) in the destination as in the source (xxtb #03).
The source specifier accepts wildcards in directory names also (xxtb #28).
Backs up directory incrementally without the use of archive bit. (xxtb #06).
Synchronizes directories (xxtb #20).
Controls file attributes (keeps the source, destination attributes or none).
Excludes directories or files from copying by wild cards(xxtb #05).
Handles a Cyclic Copy case much better than XCOPY (xxtb #07).
Qualifies files by file date/time (Before, On, or After) (xxtb #17).
Deletes files or directories using the same powerful selection mechanism (xxtb #12).
Copies hidden/system files, and overwrites Read-only files.
Flattens a directory tree into files in one directory (xxtb #16).
Copies security information for NTFS volume archiving.
Supersedes Microsoft s ROBOCOPY (xxtb #30).
Works very much like XCOPY with the same command syntax.
Available in two flavors. Freeware and Pro Edition

Note: Free for non-commercial use only. For commercial use, you can order the Pro version for $40.


What s New in This Release: