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XP Visual Tools 2.0

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 2.0, Size: 1.59 MB
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XP Visual Tools 2.0 description
XP Visual Tools will renew the aspect of your old style programs

XP Visual Tools is a package tool programmed to give your PC a more dynamic feel.

This is accomplished by changing your Logon screen that Windows XPcomes equipped with, changing you wallpapers and give to XP Menu and XPTaskbar a new look .

The program eliminates the tiresome and potentially unsafe task ofmanually editing certain parts of the Operating System by doing thatchanges with some mouse clicks.

XP Visual Tools provides fast and easy management and changing of multiple Logon screens and wallpapers, and adding new look and feeling to menu, taskbarand old programs to help your computer come to life.

Here are some key features of "XP Skins":

XP Transparencyallows you to change the transparency level for Windows XP Menu Bar andWindows XP Taskbar. The program will remember the settings each timeyou reboot on Windows XP. Simply use the option bar to choose thetransparency level you want.

XP Visual Style it s great option for making your oldWindows Programs look great! It s simply to use. Instantly select yourprograms from Program Files and change the old look with new Windows XPSkinable features. Manual select a program you want to modify.Instantly remove to one program or to all Program Files programs thefeatures you ve just add.

XP Logon makes the task of swapping LogonUI screenseasy. Simply select a new LogonUI screen file and you re set! You caneven preview your LogonUI screens before selecting the one you want. XPLogon also has the ability to randomly select a LogonUI screen everytime you log off.

XP Wallpaper is for managementdesktop wallpaper. It allows by one click to establish in desktopwallpaper any your photos and also easily to switch them. XP Wallpaperalso has the ability to randomly select a wallpaper screen every timeyou log on or on a specific interval.


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