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WinGuard Pro 6.5.16

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 6.5.16, Size: 610 KB
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WinGuard Pro 6.5.16 description
WinGuard Pro 2007 Free Edition locks any file, folder or program on your computer

WinGuard Pro Free lets you lock down any program, window or files on your computer with a password.

WinGuard Pro 2007 Free Edition allows you to lock down the Desktop, MyComputer Icon, Internet Access, Block people from installing software,the Shutdown menu, Boot Keys and even block access to the entirecomputer.

WinGuard Pro is fully configurable with password time delays, screenblanking and so on. It has over 50 common build in programs likeControl Panel, Windows Explorer, Add or Remove Programs, InternetExplorer, Run, the list is endless, and you can even add your ownprograms, windows and files to the list.

Best of all, WinGuard Pro Free is really easy to use, because you haveso much already built in for you, you need not do much in your first stages. As your security needs grow, you can then start adding more items to its list to make your PC fool proof.

Here are some key features of "WinGuard Pro":

Built-in programs: There are around 15 common programs built-in for locking in the Free Edition.
Lock your own programs*: You can also add any of your own programs for locking.
Password timer: You can set in seconds how long you want to giveusers to enter the password to access any locked programs. This canhelp deter hackers.
Screen blank: You can have the screen blank in emergencies, thisprevents any use of the computer, and blacks out the screen onlyleaving a password box to access the entire system.
Additional Protection: This lets you lock even more features down onyour PC. Such as the Desktop, My Computer, Internet Access, InternetDownloading*, Software Installations* and much more.
Stop people installing software*: This is a must have for those ofyou who are sick of users installing software on your computers withoutyour consent. With this feature just a simple click is all that sneeded and the software will disable Setup programs, Installers, SelfExtracting Exe s, Zip files, the lot.
Help prevent viruses: Using the above feature to stop softwareinstalls, this will help prevent such viruses that may be contained inprogram the user is trying to install.
Lock or Encrypt your Files and Folders: Two methods of protection are available, including strong encryption.

What s New in This Release:

Add: Mozilla Firebox, Windows Media Player, Recycle Bin and My Documents to Program Protection list.
Add: Option to turn off Program Protection....