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WinClean Pro 1.00

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 1.0, Size: 2.05 MB
By , License: Shareware Report Broken

WinClean Pro 1.00 description
A tool that makes your PC run faster, cleaner,secured, optimized.

WinClean Pro removes traces of your online and offline activities. Itprovides slick graphical interface, replacing the standard menu barwith tabs, to give new look to your working experience. The main windowoffers three tools: System Cleaner and Optimizer, Find Duplicate Files,and Privacy Protector and Evidence Eraser.

Each tool opens up in a new window. This program cleans cookies,temporary Internet files, the Recent Documents list and the Web browserhistory. The program also finds duplicate files and safely removes them. Ensures your online and offline privacy by erasingsystem s tracks and traces. Most of the users can benefit from runningWinClean Pro.

Here are some key features of "WinClean Pro":

Make your computer fast and stable in minutes:
WinClean Pro clears the file registry clutters that are dispersed allover the registry. It cleans up and streamlines your registry byfinding and removing invalid data references that are left whileinstalling and uninstalling programs from your system.
You are stress relieved from multiple copies of files:
This utility is designed to assist you in analyzing duplicate filesand administering disk management by deleting the duplicate files ormoving them to the recycle-bin or a specified folder.
Protect your privacy:
You spend hundreds of hours on your PC and store megabytes ofessential and confidential information. But if this information is notsecured, all your efforts are in vain. WinClean Pro is the notedutility that acts as a watchdog for your system.
Increases system life-time:
A suite like this not only allows you to perform better, since itdoesn’.t have to wade through all that digital file shreds but makesyour system more stable and reliable.
Your internet activity is no more recorded:
It cleans and removes Internet and PC usage tracks, including cache,browser history, recent documents, cookies and various other items.


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