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WS-FTP Home 2007

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 2007, Size: 10.5 MB
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WS-FTP Home 2007 description
WS-FTP Home - You can affordably, easily and securely transfer files between your home computer and the Internet

Ipswitch WS_FTP Home will let you update your Web site, share pictureswith friends and family, easily download large MP3 files or other fileswith a single click. You can affordably, easily and securely transferfiles between your home computer and the Internet.

Let WS_FTP Home 2006 become an extension of your digital photography darkroom.

Today, digital photography has become the best way to share and storeyour memories. WS_FTP 2006 extends your capabilities by improving theway you share, archive and backup these important digital assets. Learnmore >.>.

WS_FTP Home 2006 is at the center of the latest Internet technologies, like blogging and podcasting.

Blogging and podcasting are making it possible for Internet users toexpress themselves in ways never before possible. Rich content –. in theform of graphics, photos and digital audio files –. are at the heart ofthis revolution. WS_FTP Home 2006 is an indispensable utility to makeyour use of these blogging and podcasting convenient and productive.

Here are some key features of "WS FTP Home":

User Experience and Efficiency
Enhanced Thumbnails let you view and resize pictures and graphics as thumbnails on your computer or remote sites.
You can customize the Send To options on the Shortcut menu by addinga HotDrop (shortcut) to Windows Explorer or the local WS_FTP Send Tomenu. HotDrops let you send files on your local computer to a remotesite quickly and easily.
New custom skins are available to change the look-and-feel of your FTP client.

Local Search lets you use the Windows desktop search tool to searchfor local files from within the FTP client. Search results can then betransferred to remote server easily with a simple drag-n-drop or withHotDrop options on the shortcut (right-click) menu.
Enhanced file content comparison feature compares files between sitesusing file integrity checking algorithms (CRC32 and MD5). Filestransfer only when they are not current in the source and targetlocations.


32 MB minimum RAM
32 MB of disk space


30 days trial