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Vypress Messenger 4.0

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 4.0, Size: 1.44 MB
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Vypress Messenger 4.0 description
Vypress Messenger - Sends and receives network messages instantly

Vypress Messenger is a software application for sending text messageswith attachments in real-time, without using any additional servers,from one computer to another or a few others.

Vypress Messenger is the first real-time messaging system specifically designed for business</a>Intranets. Using a peer-to-peer architecture, it delivers text messagesfrom workstation to workstation in real-time, without the typical delayassociated with conventional e-mail</a>, and absolutely safe with high-grade encryption and digital signatures.

It’.s a simple fact. Efficient, flexible, instantaneous communication iscritical to your company’.s success. That is why we created VypressMessenger —. to offer your company instantaneous real-time messaging.Whether you’.re working with people across the hall or around the world,Vypress Messenger can help you communicate better and faster than everbefore.

Now you can implement a new sales program for your sales force in hoursinstead of weeks. Or you can offer immediate, real-time assistance tonetwork users instead of making them wait for return e-mail or a phonecall.

The bottom line? The VyPRESS product family delivers instant messaging that’.s fit for business. Your business.

Designed to meet the need of today’.s most demanding businesses, VypressMessenger offers the highest level of real-world usability, ease oflearning and operation, and ergonomics. We designed Vypress Messengerby observing how real business people work. As a result, we focused onsimplicity, clarity, directness, and efficiency. Every feature inVypress Messenger is engineered to address real-world businessconcerns.

Unlike other instant messaging products, VyPRESS Research developedVypress Messenger with the primary goal of usability in the LAN, WANand Intranet environment. It is an amazingly effective tool forworkgroups and corporate LANs, because it offers a variety ofwide-range message broadcasting and message systems for problemsolving.

Whether yours is a start-up company or a worldwide organization, ourflexible solutions are the perfect choice for your businesscommunications!

Here are some key features of "Vypress Messenger":

Vypress Messenger is a two-way instant messaging program. It enables users to send and receive messages and files instantly through any network.
An exceedingly easy, well thought-out and useful interface.Our usability tests show that even people with very little computerknowledge can begin working with Vypress Messenger immediately afterinstallation, without additional training.
Integration with any LDAP-based directory services,such as Active Directory, Sun Java System Directory Server or NovelleDirectory. Beginning with version 4.0, Vypress Messenger can obtain alist of users directly from your company directory server and keep itupdated using the LDAP notifications without any additional networkoverload.
Strongest, standard-based messages encryption and digital signatures!.Vypress Messenger allows you to use the most of today’.s authoritativeencryption algorithms via time proven Windows CryptoAPIimplementations. Messenger uses powerful, asymmetric cryptography inconduction with standard digital certificates to ensure maximum safetyduring message transition over a network and proven senderauthentication with SHA-1 based digital signatures. Vypress Messengereven can be integrated with existing company safety infrastructure andautomatically obtain digital certificates from the Active Directory andMicrosoft Certificate Services.
Send and receive attachments with messages. Notonly can Vypress Messenger send plain text messages, it also can sendattached files. Now you can send e-mail messages, text documents,pictures and other files to your friends and coworkers as easily assending plain text messages. Send your files to individual recipients,to a multicast group or broadcast your files across an entire network.Vypress Messenger fully supports drag-and-drop file operations.
Comprehensive messages logging, archiving, sorting and searching. VypressMessenger stores all sent and received messages and present it to auser with a familiar, Outlook-like interface. All messages areautomatically sorted by users in the dialog order. The messages thatwere sent with encryption are stored in the same encrypted manner. Evenamong thousand messages any message can be found using a veryeasy-to-use but powerful searching mechanism.
It works over a modern TCP/IP protocol. TheVypress Messenger sends and receives messages using a modern, popular,and easy to configure and flexibly routable TCP/IP protocol (TCP forunicast messages and UDP for broadcasts).
The lowest cost for professional and corporate level instant messaging products! VyPRESS Research offer unbelievably low prices for software and it includes lifetime free upgrades and technical support!
Offers full send and receive compatibility with standard CIFS/SMB protocol!This protocol allows Vypress Messenger to send and receive messages toand from standard WinPopup, Windows NT/2000/XP ‘.Alerter’. service,NovellNetWare server broadcasts and messages to and from any Sambacompatible Unix system. Read more about SMB here.
The ability to send messages to individual destinations, self-assumed groups of addresses or to the entire network. VypressMessenger allows users and network administrators to send messages notonly to individual addresses, but also to any number of users groups orto all Vypress Messenger or Vypress Auvis users in the entire network.Users can create unlimited numbers of groups without any dependence onnetwork topology.
It works in the system tray (notification area). Vypress Messenger does not crowd the Windows taskbar —. it work in the system tray near the clock.
No dedicated servers! VypressMessengeris a peer-to-peer (P2P) program, so it does not requirethird-party servers and keeps all messages highly secure —. messages aredelivered directly from one Vypress Messenger to another. By avoiding aserver component, it is much simpler and more cost-effective to set upand administer Vypress Messenger. By eliminating dependency to aserver, Vypress Messenger is also considerably more fault-tolerant thanserver-based systems.
Automatically try to send messages using AutoRetries!Our own technology, AutoRetries allows automatic sending of messages tocomputers that are not currently available in the local network.
Graphical emoticons.Sometimes,one image costs thousands words, so we’.ve added nice looking graphicalemoticons (smiles) for easier spirits sharing and digital wellnessspreading across your company.
IP-Multicast support. Fulland complete support for this newest TCP/IP protocol extension allowsVypress Messenger to fit all network topologies and provides an easyand graceful mechanism for multi-destinations messaging.
A powerful Address Book.Our feature-packed Address Book has “.deny lists”. and user groupsupport! You can create an unlimited number of different user groups,activate/deactivate message receiving from individual users, and more!
Content vetting.By introducing content vetting rules the user can prevent unwanted orunrelated messages, still keeping the useful broadcast featureavailable for administrators.
It includes the command-line sending utility!The command-line utility included in Vypress Messenger allows users toschedule messages using third-party scheduling tools and includesmessage sending in batch scripts.
AutoAnswer feature. Vypress Messenger is a powerful answering machine for you and will prove helpful to your users.
Comprehensive help systemVypress Messenger uses the latest technology HTML help to offer easysearching for answers to you problems. In additional, every dialog boxor a message box in the program has context help button for immediatelyuser assistance.
Easy implementation and deployment. Asa product initially designed for use in large networks, Messenger hasall the essential features for enterprise-wide deployment, such assilent setup and SMS integrations. Messenger can be started from anylocation and any working folder, from the registry key, the “.StartUp”.group or from login script. The experts from the VyPRESS Support Teamwill help you will you design an implementation and deployment planpersonalized to your corporate network, and they will help solve allpossible problems quickly and easily.


If you are planning to run Vypress Messenger on a Windows 95 workstation you should download and install Windows Socket 2 update</a> for this platform.


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