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Video Edit Magic Express 4.11

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 4.11, Size: 11.9 MB
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Video Edit Magic Express 4.11 description
Video Edit Magic Express is a useful program that makes video editing as-simple-as possible

VideoEdit Magic Express is a useful program that makes video editingas-simple-as possible for the average user at a new low breakthroughprice. We have departed from the storyboard concept most video editor suse to a more familiar method of select, cut/copy, and paste editing.This makes video editing more intuitive to new users and retains theflexibility of full featured video editing.

Now you can easily decorate your videos by dragging and droppingeffects, adding background scores and changing the volume of individualtracks for audio mixing. The built-in capture tool enables you toquickly capture video from a camcorder, capture-card, or USB videocamera and move it to your hard disk. You can also add captured footagedirectly to the timeline for further editing. You can combine video,audio and image files on the same timeline for editing operations,making it simple to compose your video masterpiece.

Everyone with little or no experience in video editing can quicklylearn the basics and start making their own video productions. A wizardbased help quickly takes you through all necessary steps from importingto editing. Overall, the combination of features, price and ease-of-usemake it an ideal fit for all new video enthusiasts.

Here are some key features of "Video Edit Magic Express":

Capture Videos using any USB or Fire Wire input device.
Give effects to your videos.
Make movies in AVI and DV AVI formats.
Add a background score / voiceover to your video file.
Join multiple video, audio and image files together.
Combine multiple file formats on the same timeline.
Cut copy and paste clips from one media file to another.
Trim your videos and audios.
Export your videos to any Digital Video Camera.


30 days

What s New in This Release:

Support for USB 2.0 Camcorders: The enhanced capture tool now letsyou capture from Camcorders that are capable of transferring videosusing a USB 2.0 connection to your PC.
Capture from DV Cameras to Windows Media: Like WebCams, the capturetool now enables you to capture from DV Cameras directly to WindowsMedia Video (WMV). This will produce small captured files.
Capture Entire Tape: With this new option in the Capture tool, youcan setup Video Edit Magic Express to capture the entire video fromyour DV Camera s tape while you relax.
Batch Conversion: The media converter tool now supports batchconversion. Add all files that you want to convert at once and have theconverter tool convert them one after another.
Redesigned Capture Tool: Video Edit Magic Express s entirelyredesigned capture tool makes it very simple to capture footages fromyour Web and Digital Video (DV) Cameras. You can also control your DVCameras with the new capture tool.
Thumbnail View: The Media list tab under the Collection window now provides a Thumbnail view along with other standard views.
Better Timeline Selection: Track selections are more visible. You can now select a track by clicking on the track s name.
Extended Automatic Timeline Scrolling: The timeline automaticallyscrolls when you shuffle sources in between tracks in the timeline.
Split Track: The Split Track option provides a quick method to splitthe sources in the tracks. Simply move your mouse over the sources andclick once to split the source.
Insert Into Timeline: This new option lets you add your videos to thetimeline at the slider s position. If the slider is positioned over asource then this option splits that source before adding the video.
Better Drag and Drop: You can now drag videos and effects and dropthem into their respective tracks directly instead of selecting thetrack first.