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Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 4.60.019, Size: 4.20 MB
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QuickZip description
QuickZip is a freeware file archiver, which handles .zip files

QuickZip is a freeware file archiver, which handles .zip files. Unlikethe conventional file archivers, it does not have any installer programthat copies files to your system directory, or modifies the registry.

QuickZip comes in a simple, self-extracting package that extracts files to the folder _you_ specify, and does not go beyond that.

This is particularly useful, if you do not have permissions to createfiles in the system directory, or modify the registry, such as offices,or other networks. In such cases, you may need to unzip files, butcannot install any program. QuickZip will help you in such situations.

Here are some key features of "QuickZip":

Displays all files in explorer like interface, with folders
Quickly add/extract files from archives and create new archives
Create self extracting zip archives, with small overhead