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Norton Password Manager 2004

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 2004, Size: 17 MB
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Norton Password Manager 2004 description
It keeps your passwords secure and easy to manage.

Symantec Norton Password Manager 2004 keeps your passwords secure and easy to manage.
Using the same password for multiple sites is dangerous, but when youmake up different passwords, its difficult to remember all of them.That makes it tempting to write them down somewhere€.”.a very riskystrategy.

Norton Password Manager protects against those dangers and streamlines youronline activities by storing your passwords in an encrypted file thatonly you can open. The passwords are kept on your own PC, not onhigh-profile servers that might be prime targets for hackers.

Each member of your family can have one or more password files on thesame computer. Once you ve created a profile with information such asyour address and credit card number, assign a password to the profileand choose how often you ll be asked to verify it.

Then run your password-protected applications (such as your email program), visit your favorite secure Web sites, and record the usernames and passwords for each. From then on, Norton Password Managerrecognizes your programs and sites, and offers to fill in theappropriate information for each one automatically. Don t leave youraccounts vulnerable to misuse. Protect your identity online with Norton Password Manager 2004.