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McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.5sa

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 8.5sa, Size: 11.6 MB
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McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.5sa description
McAfee AntiSpyware quickly detects then safely eliminates malicious applications

McAfee AntiSpyware quickly detects then safely eliminates maliciousapplications - e.g., key loggers, remote-control programs, browserhijackers - before they hide in your system and snatch passwords, robyour identity or monitor browsing activity when you surf or shop.

Erasing online roadblocks, McAfee AntiSpyware also foils adware programs that trigger annoying advertisements and sap syste

Here are some key features of "McAfee AntiSpyware":

Exclusive! Advanced “.Auto-Protect”. Technology alerts users whenpotentially hostile applications attempt to install and run, providingoptions to block the threat at the gateway.
Multiple Scanning Options (On-Demand and On-Execution) allow users toperform thorough or custom scans depending on their need. The defaultsetting performs a full system scan.
One Year of Automatic Updates prompts users to download andinstall the most up-to-date protection against spying and trackingprograms.
Extensive Detection Database provides a thorough database of adware,spyware and keylogging programs. This database is continuously updatedto keep up with the plethora of programs created daily by hackers.
Uninstall Flexibility allows you the choice to uninstall trackingprograms using that program’.s uninstaller (if available), or McAfeeAntiSpyware’.s removal technique, which removes all traces of theprogram.
“.One-Stop-Shop”. Identification and Removal of all components andfiles associated with spyware. allowing users to remove any and allassociated files in one click
This feature alerts users the moment a known adware/spyware/keyloggerprocess is created. This gives end users greater insight into what ishappening on their system. Users do not have to wait until the programpotentially sends personal information about them out to the Internet.They will be alerted before this occurs.
Program Removal
Identifies and removes adware, spyware, and key logging programsentirely, including entries in the Windows Registry, and other areawhere programs leave remnants.
Comprehensive Scanning and Custom Scan Options
Scans your PC for programs and related spyware and adware remnants and identifies files for removal.
Automatic Backup of Removed Files
Includes files recently removed for easy restore if users remove files by accident
Restore Removed Items. Users have the ability via a convenientrollback removal, to undo a removal action, restoring files youinadvertently removed.
Streamlined User Interface
Provides detailed information at-a-glance including number ofdetections, last updates, news and information and easy access tosettings changes.
Uninstall Flexibility
Users are provided the choice to uninstall the program using thatprogram’.s uninstaller, or McAfee can remove all traces of the program.
Timely News.
A feature to provide users with information from the main consoledetailing the latest information about a variety of information thatpertains to their updates, detections, and status.
Extensive Keylogger Database.
With one of the most comprehensive databases for suspicious programs,users will receive new updates on a regular basis. The suspiciousprogram database is updated continuously and users will be alerted toretrieve updates every two weeks


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