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Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 4.0, Size: 4.10 MB
By , License: Trial Report Broken SpamKiller 4.0 description SpamKiller - Kill spam and more from your POP3, MSN &amp. Hotmail mail accounts

Proven security that blocks unwanted &. malicious e-mail,McAfee SpamKiller allows you to regain control of the content reachingyour inbox. It also protects your personal and financial informationagainst known phishing scams by blocking access to known andpotentially fraudulent identity theft websites.

SpamKiller will make copies of all automatically filtered mails. Itallows you to filter any part of a message, including the text,headers, and country codes. The friends list allows desired e-mail toreach you.

The filter wizard makes it easy to add your own filters, and you candownload online updates. SpamKiller also allows you to automaticallysend complaints and error messages to spammers. It handles any numberof MSN/Hotmail , POP3 and MAPI accounts.

SpamKiller can block all messages from senders not on your friendslist. SpamKiller supports Microsoft Network e-mail and extended MAPI.

Here are some key features of "McAfeecom SpamKiller":

New! AntiPhishing Internet Explorer plug-in identifies and blocks known and potential ‘.phishing’. websites and scams.
New! Advanced filtering features support hidden ‘.meta-character’. filtering and ‘.junk’. text identification.
New! Streamlined account auto-detection provides automatic, immediateintegration and configuration with your existing e-mail accounts.
New! Outlook and Outlook Express toolbar integration allows spam tobe managed directly from within Microsoft Outlook and MicrosoftOutlook Express.
Invisible text &. image filtering zeroes in on colorless contentand/or image-only or image-heavy e-mails that spammers use to evadeanti-spam engines.
Intentional misspelling filtering helps detect spam with intentionalmisspellings, including improper capitalization or characterreplacements (e.g., in place of mortgage).
Auto-updates run silently in the background, ensuring you’.re always protected from evolving and emerging security threats.
Real people. Real help. For free. Our experts are available 24 hoursa day, seven days a week via Internet chat.

Supported e-mail programs:
POP3 (Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, Netscape)
MAPI (Outlook)
Web (MSN/Hotmail, or e-mail account with POP3 access)


Personal computer with Pentium-compatible processor
Windows 98, 2000: 133 MHz or higher
Windows Me: 150 MHz or higher
Windows XP (Home and Pro): 300 MHz or higher

Windows 98, Me, 2000: 64 MB
Windows XP (Home and Pro): 128 MB

35 MB hard disk space
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later

Required for toolbar plug-in
Outlook Express 6.0 or later
Outlook 98, 2000, 2003, or XP
Internet Explorer 6.0 or later


30-day trial


What s New in This Release:

SpamKiller now supports MSN/Hotmail accounts.
SpamKiller now automaticlly checks for filter updates.
SpamKiller s UI has been modified to support MSN/Hotmail.
SpamKiller s navigation icons and color scheme have been updated.
SpamKiller is fully integrated with the SecurityCenter.
SpamKiller now filters Base 64 encoded email.
SpamKiller can securely preview HTML emails.
SpamKiller s filtering speed for POP3 and MAP