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Matrix Reloaded Screensaver 1.0

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 1.0, Size: 1.00 MB
By , License: Freeware Report Broken

Matrix Reloaded Screensaver 1.0 description
Matrix Reloaded Screensaver is a freeware openGL matrix screen saver that truly captivates the spirit of The Matrix movie

The Matrix Reloaded screensaver is a freeware openGL Matrix Screensaverthat truly captivates the spirit of The Matrix movie, Matrix Reloadedand Matrix Revolutions sequels.

The Matrix Reloaded screensaver features images of heroes &. foes(Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, Agent Smith, etc) presented in a coolslideshow.

This eye candy screensaver is recommended to all MATRIX fans. Free Your Mind!

Here are some key features of "Matrix Reloaded Screensaver":

matrix code emulation scrolling vertically down your computer screen
a cool matrix style digital clock, and original mp3 songs from the film
easy install, no nags
great customization options