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Marine Aquarium 2.6

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 2.6, Size: 1.66 MB
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Marine Aquarium 2.6 description
Marine Aquarium Time - The Ultimate Virtual Saltwater Aquarium

Marine Aquarium Time is an animated screensaver that allows you to enjoy your own private Virtual Saltwater Aquarium.

You ve seen aquarium programs before, but you ve never seen anythinglike this! Marine Life so vibrant you won t believe your eyes.Indescribable realism! These fish are actual 3D Models, not flat imagesdragged across the screen.

Use the SereneScreen Marine Aquarium 2 - PC as a screensaver or as a stand-alone program.

This Deluxe version includes 26 different species of fish to choosefrom. Other features include a starfish, variable lighting, wireframemode, and more.

The 3D fish bend, turn, and swim just like real fish!

A new special version of Marine Aquarium now supports multipledisplays. Dubbed Marine Aquarium 2.0 MD (Multi-Display), you can nowview your favorite fish on mulitple monitors, and widescreen monitoraspect ratios are now supported.

A special anamorphic ratio allows you to adjust the widescreen displaysto appear correctly on your PC Screen without losing image quality dueto stretching. Marine Aquarium 2.0 MD is free to anyone who owns MarineAquarium 2.0


SereneScreen Marine Aquarium Time requires DirectX 7.0 or greater in order to function properly.


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What s New in This Release:

Marine Aquarium 2.6 contains two new fish for your enjoyment. TheClearfin Lionfish and Achilles Tang round out the fish population totwenty eight unique species