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MSN Sniffer 2

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 2, Size: 1.32 MB
By , License: Shareware Report Broken

MSN Sniffer 2 description
MSN Sniffer - A handy network utility to capture MSN chat on network

MSN sniffer is a handy network utility to capture MSN chat on network.It records MSN conversations automatically. All intercepted messagescan be saved as HTML files for later processing and analyzing.

It is very easy to make it to work. Just run the MSN sniffer on anycomputer on your network, and start to capture. It will record anyconversation from any PC on the network.

No additional program is needed to be installed on the monitoring target computers.

Everything will be recorded without being detected. It is especiallyuseful for administrators or parents, who need to monitor what theiremployees or kids are talking about with others.


Save first 15 conversations only