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Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Internet Download Accelerator description
Internet Download Accelerator - most effective acceleration, resuming, and management of your downloads

Internet Download Accelerator is an easy-to-use and effective downloadmanager that can increase download speeds by up to 500 percent. It usesintellectual multi-section download to provide the best possibleperformance for all connection types.

The acceleration is achieved by splitting a file being downloaded intoseveral parts and downloading these parts at the same time.

IDA resumes downloads, broken due to lost connections, networkproblems, and computer shutdowns, from where they left off. IDAsupports download from HTTP and FTP servers, and can work throughproxy-servers.

To increase usability it integrates into Internet Explorer toautomatically take over your downloads. Also IDA adds a toolbar toInternet Explorer to improve your download experience.

Internet Download Accelerator will monitor the system clipboard anddetect copied URLs. IDA cooperates with your antivirus program toautomatically scan files after completing download.

The scheduler lets you control the operation of Internet DownloadAccelerator in automatic mode. You can download files at the specifiedtime, connect to your ISP automatically, and disconnect upon completionof all scheduled downloads.

With the site manager, you can automatically pass a user name andpassword to a server and specify a folder for saving files downloadedfrom a certain site. IDA also features import and export of the download list. International users are provided with multi-language interface option.

Here are some key features of "Internet Download Accelerator":

Easy to use
intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable user interface.
download lists support with rich sorting options.
the floating window including download speed indicator, active downloads indicators, cart for dragging links.
original Active Visual Cart technology which lets you to work with IDA without opening the main program window.
support for plug-ins.
skins support.
Fast Update - check for availability of new versions of the program.
multilingual support.

Full set of necessary functions
dynamic multi-threaded download.
resumes broken downloads from where they left off from both HTTP, HTTPS and FTP servers.
scheduled operation, PC shutdown, sleep or stand-by after completing download.
optimal settings for work with various connection types (dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, LAN) at various speed.
FTP Explorer.
support for download mirrors. Searching for and adding download mirrors.
power and useful tool for management of download categories.
work with ZIP archives: option to preview the contents of ZIParchives before download, option to download only files selected froman archive, option to check ZIP archives and recover corrupted files aswell as option to unpack archives.
work with RAR archives: option to check RAR archives, option to unpack archives.
detailed log-file for every download.
site manager for passwords and download folders management.
download speed control, automatic mode for the most comfortablebrowsing on the Web. Manual mode for dynamic control of download speed.
option to set priorities for downloads.
possibility to download html-pages with images.
download entire folders (including subfolders) via FTP.
content recognition when working through HTTP.
work with command-line.
dial for dial-up connection.
search for files, programs, archives and documents in file catalog.
Smart Pause/Start. Ability to temporarily stop current downloads with option to start them later in the same order and state.
rich options of tuning connection parameters HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.
work behind HTTP and FTP proxy-servers, support for NTLM andNTLM-proxy authentication. IDA can automatically detect and use yourbrowser s proxy-server settings.
support for FTP over SSL/TSL.
option to play streaming audio and video files while they are beingdownloaded. Automatic receipt of information about MP3 files whenstarting download.
downloads history.
option of dragging selected text from browser or another program ontothe floating window. IDA will find links in the text and offer you tostart download.
ability to drag download description text from another programs.Automatic insertion of the text selected on a page opened in IE intothe download description.
search in the download list.
option of automatic synchronization of files on servers and your computer (autoupdate).
checking downloaded files for updates (manually or automatically).
marking downloaded files as unread.
wide download list export/import options. Supported formats: *.txt, *.txtd, *.lst, *.urls, *.ion.

Highest download speed
intellectual multi-section download. Internet Download Acceleratordynamically splits a file being downloaded into several sections anddownloads all the sections at the same time. It increases the speed ofdownload up to 500%.
automatically restarts download when download speed decreases which helps to avoid stoppage.
download speed control with automatic mode making web-surfing more comfortable.

Rich options of integration
integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and above, Firefox,Mozilla, Nescape 6.0 and above, Opera 4.0 and above, others.
monitoring the clipboard.
integration with anti-virus programs.
toolbar for Internet Explorer.


30 day trial


What s New in This Release:

Program main menu redesigned
Improved user interface
Added button for closing download history
Added the Play/Preview button to the Download window
The Top Downloads item added to the File menu