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InstantGet 2.02

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 2.02, Size: 864 KB
By , License: Shareware Report Broken

InstantGet 2.02 description
InstantGet is a powerful and efficient download manager and accelerator

InstantGet is a very powerful and efficient download manager andaccelerator that splits downloading files into multiple sections,downloading each section simultaneously to increase downloading speedup to 5 times faster.

InstantGet provides rich management features, that make it easier to organize your downloads and manage proxies and sites.

InstantGet has many convenient features especially for downloadedfiles. Downloaded files could be searched by URL, filename or comment.Features found in windows explorer could be found in InstantGet too,right click on the downloaded files to popup an extended explorercontext menu. Sort downloaded file with time, filename, size..., justone click.

InstantGet supports ftp and http protocols, proxy servers, fileredirects, cookies, directories with authorization, InstanGetintegrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer to automaticallyhandle your downloads and can monitor clipboard.

You can also drag and drop download URLs or use InstantGet from command line.

InstantGet is capable of creating unlimited numbers of categories foryour files. Download jobs can be placed in specifically-namedcategories for quick and easy access.

InstantGet uses Microsoft Access database to manager the information ofdownloaded files, so InstantGet can manager huge amount of downloadedfiles very efficiently.

InstantGet is "Spyware", "Adware", and "Stealware" free!


By default, InstantGet runs under FREEWARE license. That means itwon t expire and you don t have obligation to register. There isabsolutely no nag messages, no spyware/adware and no hidden traps.
You can optionally upgrade to professional license to get morepowerful features. Upgrading to professional license will support thedevelopment of this product and help us make InstantGet even better.

No usage limitations
Remove the limitation of 5 concurrent downloading threads per single file (The maximum number is 10).
Remove the limitation of 5 concurrent download jobs (The maximum number is 50).
Batch download enabled
Ability to add new category unlimitedly
Ability to export download list.


What s New in This Release:

Added Korean language file.
Added download speed limit function.
Fixed a bug that caused InstantGet to crash in some cases when using under Win98/WinME/Win2K.