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Hex Workshop 4.23

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 4.23, Size: 3.64 MB
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Hex Workshop 4.23 description
Hex Workshop - Edit, insert, delete, cut, copy, and paste hex code

The Hex Workshop Hex Editor is a set of hexadecimal development toolsfor Microsoft Windows, combining advanced binary editing with the easeand flexibility of a word processor.

With Hex Workshop you can edit, cut, copy, paste, insert, and deletehex, print customizable hex dumps, and export to RTF or HTML forpublishing.

Additionally you can compare, goto, find, replace, calculate checksums,add color map, smart bookmarks and generate character distributions within a sector or file.

Hex Workshop supports drag and drop and is integrated with the Windowsoperating system so you can quickly and easily hex edit from your mostfrequently used workspaces. The Data Inspector is perfect forinterpreting, viewing, and editing decimal and binary values.Arithmetic, logical, ascii case, and bitwise operations can be used tohelp manipulation your data in place.

An Integrated Structure Viewer allows you to view and edit data in themost intuitive and convenient way. This feature helps turn the art ofhex editing into a simple straightforward task. Structures are definedin a text file that closely resemble the C/C++ style structdefinitions.

The struture viewer supports nested structures, references to otherstructures, along with many atomic data types: char, byte, ubyte, word,uword, long, ulong, longlong, float, double, OLE Date/Time, DOSTIME,DOSDATE, FILETIME, and time_t.

Hex Workshop s smart Bookmarks feature helps you pick apart and label adata file for a single use or to share with friends and co-workers.

When defining a bookmark, you can set the bookmark s data type and thenedit the bookmark s data directly in the bookmark viewer. You can evenuse a simple macro language when defining bookmark addresses andlengths. This allows for powerful bookmarks that are portable acrosslike files.