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HTMLShip 2.0

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 2.0, Size: 375 KB
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HTMLShip 2.0 description
HTMLShip is a useful, powerful and easy-to-use web page encryptor utility

HTMLShip is a useful, powerful and easy-to-use web page encryptorutility. You can encrypt a whole website with just one click. There aremany flexible protection options for advanced users.

These options include disabling "right-click to save target as", "browser offline", content selection, etc. The encryption is implementedusing JavaScript, VBScript and JScript built in with standard-compliantbrowsers. HTMLShip is able to hide your javascript, vbscript, CSS styleand HTML soure code.

It also protects the email addresses from being found by evil automatic email collectors.Encryption of all link addresses protects your whole website from linktheft or being downloaded by tools like teleport and webzip. Severalgeneral encryption methods are extended and combined to disable thoseautomatic decryption tools. When the visitors try to view the sourcecode, they can only see something totally unreadable. It will be almostimpossible for other people to copy your web pages or even websiteunder the protection o