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FTP Scheduler Pro 7.1.9

Last Updated: 03/11/2017

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Version: 7.1.9, Size: 7.68 MB
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FTP Scheduler Pro 7.1.9 description
A FTP Scheduling Utility that supports Secure connections

ThisFTP utility was engineered with automation in mind. Strictly forbusinesses that require ftp ng of files on a regular basis andrequiring an audit trail to ensure data was Sent/Received as perceived.

The utility can be used as middleware which is common place in businessworld when two or more products/applications are on different platforms.

This FTP utility is an upgrade of the original concept. FTP SchedulerPro gives you many additional features and many security updates.

Here are some key features of "FTP Scheduler Pro":

SSL, SSH, Private/Public key encryption
Recursive searching of FTP Server Tree (Ignores errors)
Site to Site transfers (FXP)
Proxy Support
Checking file state / Integrity before/after transfer
Checking File Content before Upload /after Download to determine if to Transfer
Logging of FileName, Sizes &. Dates
Logging of Errors
Allow/DisAllow Duplicate Uploads/Downloads
Check by Name only (Default)
Check by Name &. File Size
Removal of Successfully Uploaded/Downloaded Files
# of Retries till successful (1 attempt for UnRegistered Version)
Wilcard Upload/Downloads
Compensates for Network failure
Compatible with all FTP Servers
Ability to set Hourly transfers Upload/Download (Registered version Only!)
Flexibility to "Send to" / "Receive from" any Drive on your system
Launch Script/Batch files
After Download/Upload
Before Download/Upload
Permits unique scripts per Site
Permits Blocking/NonBlocking while shell scripts execute
Email Notify Status of Transfers to Users
Displays Estimated time left for file transfer
Ability to trigger the upload as new files arrive in the working path (Registered Version Only!)
Validates a file is not busy before an Upload/Download initiates
PASV Support
Proxy Support
Secure FTP (Public/Private Key encryption/Certificate Validation)
FTP Spider capability (Recursive Dir WildCard Search)
Examples of Search Patterns for file searches
FXP Transfer capability
Immunity from Password revealing agents (Registered Version Only!)
Auto Detect known ASCII file types
Support large files 2.4Gig+
Multiple File Get/Send over Fast Network
New Site Manager
Transfer Time Remaining Clock improved!
Zip/Unzip Functionality Enhanced
UnZip Capability
Zip Capability (Registered Version Only!)
Zip/Unzip Encryption (Registered Version Only!)
Validate Host Certificate against historical records
Email notification enhancement
SSL/TLS encryption and Authentication
Retry till successful
Option to Resume Binary Files Upload/Download. Only set under the following conditions (01/26/2006)
Dupe Chk is on with Size Compare unchecked
Dupe Chk is off and each file has only one instance
Ability to specify the Scheduler to trigger every X minutes (X=3 to 59) -(Registered Version Only!)
New Menu option to Minimise CPU Usage
Generate Secure Key for SFTP by choosing one Menu (Quick Start for beginners) option Generate Secure Key
Ability to set Date/Time Stamp per site session
Ability to set Delete after each Upload/Download per site session
File s Content Search to verify a pattern (String/Hex) is presentPre/Post Upload/Download respectively (Registered Version Only!)-(02/25/2007)
Caution do not set this feature active unless File transfer dependson file content (String/Hex Pattern) for that FTP Session setting


128MB Ram
10MB Disk Space


100 days trial

What s New in This Release:

CRC Check
File Content verification...