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PowerDVD 7.0.2911

Last Updated:12/16/2007 11:43:53 PM
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PowerDVD 7.0.2911 description
PowerDVD - Play the broadest range of audio and video files and formats

PowerDVD - Play the broadest range of audio and video files andformats. Enjoy the smoothest, brightest, and most natural visuals.Using PowerDVD you can experience high-definition audio and 8-channelexpansion. Navigate quickly with shortcuts, bookmarks and other coolcontrols. Expand your features online with DVD enhancement packs

Unsurpassed Video Quality

Intensely Vivid Images
The second generation of CyberLink s world-renowned video enhancingtechnology makes images brighter and colors more natural. CLEV-2adjusts a scene s chroma and luminance to enhance image detail, andthus achieves the best possible results for LCD/CRT monitors andplayback of overly dark or bright DVD movies.

Smart Video Deinterlacing
CyberLink s adaptive video deinterlacing technology ensures a smoother and clearer video image whileplaying video files and DVDs. Deinterlacing is unavoidable as a resultof playing interlaced DVD video on modern high-definition (mainlynon-interlaced) displays (e.g. TVs). Without advanced deinterlacing,video can appear jagged, blotchy, shadowy, or blurry. CyberLink sintelligent deinterlacing technology retains video quality andminimizes distortion by analyzing video frame-by-frame and dynamicallyapplying adaptive deinterlacing only when necessary.

Users also have a choice of deinterlacing options, including automaticdeinterlacing or user-defined settings. Defining how deinterlacing isperformed and by what algorithm is also an option: Pixel Adaptive,Median or Bob.

Multi-Display Ratios
PowerDVD supports multiple display ratios, letting users play 4:3 DVDmovies on widescreen displays and 16:9 DVD movies on 4:3 displays. Anatural stretching technology is utilized to avoid losses that wouldotherwise be created by Pan &. Scan cropping or Letterbox display

Superior Audio Fidelity

Cinematic Surround Sound
The second generation of CyberLink s proprietary audio technologyexpands 2-channel audio into multi-channel audio (e.g. CD expanded to5.1 channels). CLMEI-2 maps stereo or general surround sound andconverts it for output via a maximum of 7.1-channel systems. Musicmode, Movie mode, and the unique Onstage music modes are offered.

Virtual Surround Sound
CyberLink s Virtual Surround technologies simulates the feeling ofsurround sound when multi-channel audio is played via two speakers orheadphones (CLVS and CLHP). PowerDVD provides a choice of three audioenvironments for CLVS: Living Room, Theater, and Stadium.

Virtual Surround Sound
CyberLink Headphone and CyberLink Virtual Surround let you enjoy awider sound image and virtual surround experience via two speakers orheadphones.

What s New in This Release:

The following is a list of other great audio technologies supported by PowerDVD:
DVD-Audio support
Dolby Pro Logic IIx
Digital Theater Surround 5.1 (DTS)
Dolby Digital Technologies
Dynamic Range Compression (Dolby Digital)
Speaker System Support
Audio Time Stretch
24/96 LPCM Direct Output
LFE Mixer


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