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BearShare Lite

Last Updated:9/5/2007 3:57:01 PM
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BearShare Lite description
Get the files you're looking for faster. BearShare Lite includes a search function and support for magnet links, bandwidth controls and connection management.

BearShare is a file sharing program that lets you, your friends, and everyone in the world share files. Built on Gnutella technology, it provides a simple, easy to use interface combined with a powerful connection and search engine that puts thousands of different files in easy reach. It is designed to let you share files with everyone on the Internet, and download files that other people are sharing. Works with all types of files, and lets you search for files that contain specific words or phrases.

BearShare is a popular Gnutella-based file sharing application originally created by Free Peers, Inc.. It runs under Microsoft Windows and comes in several versions, including an advertising supported version, a paid Pro version with no advertisements, and a Lite (stripped down) free version. The advertising-supported version has been criticised in the past for bundling spyware applications as a revenue stream.

BearShare Features

* View other users' profiles, photos and music library.
* Leave comments about your friends and favorite artists.
* Supports hundreds of MP3 players.
* Send messages and instant messages to other users, while listening together to the same music.
* Highly customizable interface

BearShare is property of BearShare, Inc..


Warning: This download may include additional applications bundled with the software's installer file. Third-party applications bundled with this download may record your surfing habits, deliver advertising, collect private information, or modify your system settings. Pay close attention to the end user license agreement and installation options.


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